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Traditionally, the Veterinary Faculty of Zaragoza has always benefited itself from having excellent international relations, a good example would be the good results obtained from the Erasmus Program and the Cooperation Program in Latin America, both for Veterinary and Food Science and Technology.

Mobility programs allow any UNIZAR student to develop a part of his/her studies outside the university. The length of this training period will depend on the chosen program and destination, however long the practice period may be, this will obviously have repercussions on the student’s records.

Herewith we would like to encourage you to take part in any of these exchange programs. The greatness of knowing other cultures and societies, different education systems.... will let you develop communicative skills, improve other languages and general speaking, this all will let you acquire the necessary skills to manage yourself in different international environments, essential in the multicultural world in which we live.


In case you need further information related to student mobility, please contact:

  • Alberto Gimeno

International Relations Office


  • Prof. Dª Arantzazu Vitoria Moraiz

Vice-Dean for Students, internships and International Relations 


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