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What is the SICUE Program?

SICUE (exchange system among Spanish universities) is a national “mobility program” which allows the exchange of national university students inside the national territory, with immediate recognition of the student’s coursed credits .

The stay at the assigned university will last 9 months, according to the bilateral agreements signed by the different universities.

Requirements to become a SICUE student at the FVZ

Have passed more than 45 credits and to be registered in other 30 more credits of the degree, all al them counted up to the September exams, in your case, up to previous course exams.

Steps to be followed once all the above has been selected

  1. Fulfil the Academic Agreement application form together with the coordinator, always including the selected subjects to be coursed at the appointed university and their equivalents at the University of Zaragoza. This application form must be signed by the student, the coordinator and the dean of the centre.

  2. Register on the corresponding course at the University.

  3. The academic learning agreement application form is the only one which must be fulfilled at the University of Zaragoza before leaving

SICUE Program Coordinator

  • Prof. Pilar Arruebo Loshuertos  (Veterinary Medicine degree)


  • Prof. D. Diego García Gonzalo (Food Science and Technology degree)


You can obtain updated information about this program on our website

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