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What are the Mobility USA/ Oceania/Asia grants?

The philosophy of this Program to develop studies abroad is similar to the European Erasmus Program. The Mobility USA/ Oceania/Asia grants offer financial help to enable students stay abroad, in countries such as USA, Australia, New Zeeland, Japan that is to say, just in those countries the University of Zaragoza has agreements with and this all would be even better if there existed specific covenants with some veterinary faculties or CTA.

Requirements to become a mobility Student at the FVZ

  • Community Citizenship or permanent residence in Spain.

  • Be enrolled in the course where the stay will take place.

  • Have passed 60 credits of the degree.

  • Demonstrate good language knowledge from the country of destination by using a high level language certificate.

  • To have the minimum of necessary credits, for the course in which there is going to be realized the exchange,

Considerations to be taken into account when applying

Having seen the destination you are interested in, you should talk to the coordinator of the chosen country to present the Learning Agreement which is going to be carried out. This contract must be signed by the coordinator of the destination.

A letter explaining the reasons and motivations for the stay in the target language should also be written.

Ensure to certify that you a have good language level of the destination country.

Steps to perform once selected

  • Sometimes the host university requires to pass a language test (TOEFL. ..).
  • We must also make the hiring of an insurance policy.
  • You must apply for a visa at the consulate of the destination country.
  • Perform all the accommodation management with the host University
  • To send to the host university the documentation that this one needs, in order to receive a admission letter.
  • To contract an insurance of assistance in trip with medical coverage and of expenses of repatriation, in the complete period that lasts the stay abroad.

You can obtain updated information about this program on our website:

Mapa de los destinos Programa UZ-EEUU/Asia/Oceanía de la FVZ: