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What are the international practices of cooperation?

Each year the vice-rector Department for International Relations provides different grants for international cooperation practices in developing countries (not just Latin America but also Africa, Southeast Asian countries ...).

The aim of this program is to support the cooperation and development of all aspects related to the universities in these countries, establishing agreements and partnerships that allow the realization of these practices.

The minimum duration of these internships shall be one month, and they may not start later than 30 November and must end before the end of the year.

Requirements for access to practical cooperation

  • Community Citizenship or permanent residence in Spain

  • To be student of the Veterinary Faculty

  • Participate in the last degree courses

  • To have a cooperation course or similar (approximately 20 hours).

Endowment of the grants for practical cooperation

These grants provide a lump sum of about 750 € for travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses.

Considerations for the application

It is important to take into account that you may not receive your requested destination, so you should be prepared for obtaining another destination different to the initially chosen.

These cooperation grants also provide financial support to students from those less developed countries to enable them to come here. It is very appreciated to offer accommodation to those students.

You must also write a letter explaining the reasons for the implementation of these practices as well as an interview. The motivation for cooperating with these less privileged people is highly appreciated. 

Steps to perform once selected

  • You must hire an insurance policy
  • You must apply for a visa at the consulate of the destination country
  • You must arrange the accommodation with the host University
  • Check with the grants coordinator the different offered internships
  • Get all the relevant information related to the area you are staying and the required vaccinations

Coordinator of the International Cooperation Internship Program

  • Prof. Raúl Mainar Jaime  (Vicedean for International Relations and Mobility).   Email: 

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