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What is the Erasmus + program?

Erasmus + is known for being a major part of the European Union’s Lifelong Learning Program, whose overall goal is to encourage and support academic mobility, and the cooperation among those education and training systems offered by the European countries involved, so that these can become a reference of quality in the world.

The Erasmus Program is aimed at all higher education students and teachers, as well as to those institutions which offer this type of training.

The stay for those Erasmus students lasts between 3 and 12 months. In those countries whose languages are not very well-known, intensive language courses are being offered.

Specific help for students and teachers with any kind of handicaps is also been included in this program.

Requirements to be an Erasmus student at the FVZ

General Requirements:

  • EU nationality or permanent residence in the EU

  • Be enrolled in the course in which the stay is going to take place

  • Have obtained more than 60 credits

Specific requirements at the FVZ:

  • Follow the bilateral agreements established at the FVZ

  • Obtain the required language level according with the country of destination

How much is an Erasmus+ grant?

The Erasmus Grants are open to all higher education students. They are currently between 200-350 €/month depend on the country. This amount should cover part of the costs of the stay abroad and you will not pay any university fees.

In addition to these grants, there also exist other grants such as the DGA and the Ibercaja Grants:

Complementary DGA Grants:

  • Selection according to economic capability

  • Aprox. up to 300 €/month

Complementary Ibercaja Grants:

  • Selection according to CV

  • Aprox. 150 €/month

Complementary Santander Grants:

  • Selection according to academic average grade

  • Aprox. 500€/month or 150 €/month

 Considerations to be considered when applying for a grant

First of all, you should have quite clear what your expectations are and then you should consider the offered destinations which may be interesting for you (it is advisable to consider two or more possible destinations and apply for them depending on your priorities).

Other important factor to be taken into consideration is how much you can spend and what programs adjust better to you (language you wish to learn, duration of the course, special courses, internships in different companies, accommodation) Once you have made a choice, you must get in touch with the coordinators of the different destinies so that they can tell you about the different subjects and credits you can obtain.

To apply for it, go on to the web-page:

Steps to be followed once the possible destinations have been selected

Once the possible destinations have been selected, you together with the coordination of the designated university must put forward the "Learning Agreement"

All the subjects which you wish to course at the elected faculty will appear in the Learning Agreement and their corresponding equivalents to the subjects given at our Faculty will also be included.

You can obtain updated information about this program on our website

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